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CRJ Software

This software is only available in the commercial aviation training version.

MCP/Enhanced Autopilot


  • Realistic Controlling of Alt/Speed

  • SPD CLB DES modes Which controls your airspeed via the pitch and not the autothrottle with a pitch limiter

  • NAV with our FMC

  • TOGA Mode Controlling the Flight Director and thrust limit according to the situation

  • ND-Selector for our Glass Cockpit

  • VOR/LOC Compensating for winds, with correct intercept

  • Accurate ILS/LOC and ILS GS APP modes with wind compensation


Software Features

  • Available for 200, 700 and 900

  • Resizable

  • Buttons move in/out according to the selected mode

  • Keyboard interface

  • Support of Hardware via I/O cards and dedicated solutions

Glass Cockpit (PFD/ND/Engine and Synoptics)


  • Works with default FS Autopilot as well as our FCU

  • Flight Director Inverted V and Crosshair

  • Correct FMA

  • Worldwide Navdata with monthly updates

  • TCAS Display

  • Displays FS Flight plans, SBP files and FMC-generated Routes

  • Weather Radar Display (with severe WX simulation from Instructor Station)

  • Standby Gauges


Software Features

  • Fully Resizable
  • Bezel frames can be enabled/disabled
  • Windowed/Full Screen
  • Excellent Graphics Quality
  • All Displays can be re-positioned and combined freely
  • Displays can be Rotated left and right 90 degrees
  • Brightness Factors
  • Special Controls for Cockpit Builders
  • OpenGL Graphics for best Image Quality

CDU/Flight Management System


  • Implementation of the FMC, keyboard layout can be changed

  • Worldwide Nav, Terminal Procedures and Airway Database ( allows user defined waypoints as well)

  • Navaid Tuning via ID’s, frequency

  • Route generation for the Glass Cockpit’s ND and Quickmap (sold seperatly)

  • LNAV – Compensating for winds, conditional waypoints etc.

  • Calculations based on type specific performance data (can be configured by the user)

  • Display and setting of V-Speeds

  • Setting of N1 Limits for the MCP’s thrust management computer

  • HOLD Feature (time, distance, altitude etc.)

  • SID/STAR Data

  • Airway Data

  • Generates messages and warnings

  • Fully sizable

  • Dual CDU System Available


Software Features

  • Input via keyboard, mouseclick
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