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Pharmaceutical products are produced under carefully controlled conditions to ensure product quality. Each process is different and requires close attention to details. Sterilization, fermentation, extraction, neutralization, filtering, freeze drying, and centrifuging are typical processes found in this industry.

The development of new medicines requires a variety of measurements in several different processes. The control architecture used must be accurate and flexible enough to accommodate these demands. In some cases, the architecture may need to control a portion of the process while it measures the results.

Pacific Jet Aerospace can develop customized advanced process control and optimization schemes to optimize pharmaceutical processes. Following is a summary of our uniqueness and expertise:


  • Batch control, semi-batch control and continuous control we have novel and unique process control architecture that is powerful, flexible and yet extremely simple. We have the simplest, best user interface compared to any product out in the marketplace. We provide both the control platform for implementing sequence control sequences and also provide services for executing batch/semi-batch control projects. We can also implement DCS/PLC-resident or host-computer-resident APC (advanced process control) schemes.

  • Operator advisory - our product serves as a skilled, programmed expert system to assist the operator with skilled knowledge based on the best and most knowledgeable personnel. It is like having the best operator and engineer watching and advising the operator-on-shift all the time.

  • No other competitor has a nonlinear, constrained, multivariable optimizer like we do. We can handle nonlinear processes, discrete processes, discontinuities, integer math and link against any process model. Unlike competitors, we do not require equation-based models, but can use any model from the plant or the process licensor.

  • SCADA systems - we can provide a complete PC and PLC-based SCADA system to provide closed-loop control, sequence and continuous control, alarming, alerting, reporting, monitoring, wireless communications, environmental control and data trending/historian.

  • We provide software and services for PID tuning optimization (for both primary and advanced control loops) to reduce/eliminate oscillations and improve the control quality of the primary control layer. We also provide PID and APC control quality monitoring, reporting and automatic control parameter adjustments.

  • Our proprietary and revolutionary online oscillation detection software alerts the operator of any degraded control quality and provides adaptive control action with automatic control parameter adjustments. Our software has the capability for auto-Adaptive control for compensating for process and equipment nonlinearities.

  • We also provide remote access monitoring and support to improve effectiveness of engineers and operators.We use the latest OPC communications technology and signal validation for all two-way communications


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