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Aerospace Technologies: 


Research and Development scientific center


In 2005 Pacific Jet bought  R&D Engineering Company in Shenzhen (China), in 2008 the well-known engineering company in Beijing (China)  was bought.


These critical steps allowed to exand Pacific Jet footprint and makes aircraft engineering and maintanence autonomious and independent form external suppliers.


Nowadays Pacific Jet Aerospace technologies is making scientific researches in  Avionics and systems modelling.



In Avionic RnD department software and mathematical models of most popular aircrafts are being developed. Pacific Jet Aerospace can make an analisys of any other specific planes or helicopters and create the full mathematical models according to customer specification (even outdated crafts). In case of necessity of support on data collection stage, our RnD team can be involved on the earliest stage for data collection and detalised analisys.

Pacific Jet Aerospace technologies keeps some grants under execution (Grant-holder status):

- Airbus A-320 NEO - new engines performance mathematical model developing , existing FMGS integration.

- Sukhoi SuperJet SSJ - system modeling / aerodynamics analysis/ simulator developing.

- Garmin GFC700 and G1000 wide purpose bridge  for integration with General Aviation aircraft via standard link (IREG22s alternative)

- Complex Protection System for General Aviation: Alfa-floor, bank-angle, pitch limitations, windshare and low speed protection and others (Airbus Philosophy).

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