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Aircraft management


Aircraft owners look to maximize their investment and build a relationship with a management team they can trust. Developing those relationships are at the core of Pacific Jet Group mission.

Pacific Jet does not manage aircrafts with a “cookie cutter” approach. Our management team treats your aircraft as if it’s their very own – with a focus on value and solid leasing arrangements. We develop a management plan with each aircraft owner’s goals at heart. This includes:


  • Maintence scheduling

  • Maintenance labor & parts discounts

  • Budgeting for maintenance programs

  • Compliance and maintenance tracking

  • FAA fulfillment

  • Savings on fuel programs

  • Hangar storage

  • Volume fuel discounts

  • A trusted flight crew  

  • Aviation accounting

  • Trip support

  • Discount fleet insurance

  • Charting & navigation

  • Crew training discounts


Pacific Jet is committed to making your asset a smart business investment that reaps successful gains under our care and management. As part of our Charter program, you can offset the cost of ownership. We look to bring you financial benefits while balancing your flight requirements as an owner.

We build long-term relationships by fostering the ultimate ownership experience, which is why we are proud to have clients who have been with us since our inception.



Pilot Mentoring Program


For those who want to be at the helm of their aircraft, Pacific Jet helps owner pilots take that desire to the next level.  From our inception, we have offered our specialized Pilot Mentoring Program, with proven success at helping numerous owners become skilled jet pilots. Our experienced team of instructors and mentors can transitions pilot owners through the various levels of flight experience from single engine aircraft operators to jet captains. Additionally, we help justify the ownership of their plane by enrolling it in our charter program, making it a win-win for owner pilots.

Aircraft Maintenance Management


Aircraft Maintenance Management and Continuing Airworthiness Management ensure serviceability and smooth operation of your aircraft at all times. It promotes safety through meticulous management of all aspects of airworthiness.

Our services consist of long term maintenance planning, taking into account availability of the aircraft, maintenance oversight including: quality control, continuous monitoring of airworthiness requirements (AD/SB’s) and expert type specific issues resolution and AOG support.

Efficient maintenance management long term reduces the cost of operation as well as preserves the value of your aircraft. We pride ourselves in providing a means of constant information availability, either through our web portal or by the personal attention of our highly qualified team.


We offer a complete solution to enhance your aircraft purchase. From certification, through delivery and ongoing maintenance support, you will have ‘total peace of mind’ knowing our team is actively managing your aircraft’s continuing airworthiness requirements, including:


  • 24/7 secure World Wide Web portal, easy dashboard access:

  • Maintenance Management (Control and Scheduling)

  • Ongoing Compliance with Regulatory requirements

  • Assessment of Airworthiness Directives

  • Assessment of Service Bulletins

  • Spare part sourcing

  • Away from base support

  • Major Maintenance planning

  • Maintenance cost forecasting

  • AOG Support

  • Web access to the following aircraft information:


- Certificate of Registration

- Certificate of Airworthiness

- Hours, Landings and Cycles

- Certificate of Registration

- Upcoming Maintenance

- Minimum Equipment List

- RVSM approval

- Noise approval

- Weight and Balance information

- Amendment status of Flight Documentation



Pacific Jet Group offers aircraft maintenance in Hong Kong, Malasia as well as across China. To enquiry about maintenance control for your fleet, contact your local Pacific Jet Group  representative. It’s all part of our integrated service and another reason why Pacific Jet Group is Aviation’s Trusted Choice.

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