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Pacific Jet Aviation Academy on-line training center


Welcome to Pacific Jet Professional Pilot's documentation storage



Our main goal is to offer the most extensive online aviation resource to worldwide professional pilots. Pacific Jet Aviation Academy desire to spread the undeniable ideas that ‘knowledge is useless unless you share it’ and ‘more aviation knowledge means less accidents’. Pacific Jet Aviation Academy strongly encourage aviation safety!

Our documentation storage resource is a tremendous free online aviation library, where anyone can obtain specific information any topic.

The secondary aim of this on-line resource is to support all pilots who where graduaded from Pacific Jet Aviation Academy, planning to become our student, planing to work for Pacific Jet or just need some support: books, reference materials, aircrafts documentation (SOP, CRM, FCOM, QRH), video trainings, flying technic advices. This resources is absolutelly free of charge and we hope that these excellent media library will support you in you professional activity od making a choice regarding flying school preferences. Some of these materials were prepared by Pacific Jet Aviation Academy instructors, other share of materials (probably the biggest one) are taken form open resources. We hope that these materials will be useful for you and you'll choose Pacific Jet Aviation Academy for your education.


Important Disclaimer

Some materials are from open resources taken free and provided free of charge. If you see some docs with your personal trademarks and don't want to share it with pilot's community, send us a letter (to Academy adress) and we exclude these docs from a library. Pacific Jet is not representative of any aircraft manufactoring company and we don't have a goal to have a representative function. All docs provided for your trainings only. Use it on your own risks. No need to remind that using learning materials during flight is dangerous and strongly prohibited. For more details pls have a look Disclaimer in this section.



Technically all materials a located on external servers (at the moment on DropBox). Downloading these materials you are not connecting with Pacific Jet Group internal servers. Using DropBox is more flexible and working in all countries (not any IP adress blocking is revealed). Pacific Jet Group is not responsible for technical access, outage date, traffic speed or IP adress blocking.



For making pages more user-friendly and understandable we put lots of photos (especially for aircraft section). The aricraft section is prepared in a very "promotion" style: lots of photos and useful materials make the learning proccess enthralling and aircrafts pages look likes glamour journal. These steps are really make using this on-line library comfortable and enjoyable. All photos are taken from the open resources and Pacific Jet dont use these materials for commercial purposes. All photos contains copyrights and author name. If you found your personal photo on site and don't want to share it with professional aviation community - send us a letter and we exclude it from on-line library.



All video materials are for training only. So you can use it for your own risk. All videos are taken from open resources and contain copyright information. Some pages with big number of video players can work slightly slower (limited by youtub connection). Some video just for information and no special training purposes bearing in mind (as example - cockpit videos: you can check the pilots behaivour with CRM but not special information will be taken). A special section for relax only - historical movies, documentary movies and some videos dedicated to aircrafts that already gone (Concord as example). These entertainment videos are places in a separate page. There is no specialised TV team in Pacific Jet, so for training purposes we used some videos from another Flight Academies (in USA, Europe, Baltic, Singapure). All their videos contains copyright information, Pacific Jet don't use it for commercial goals and we thanks them so much for sharing their video materials with professional aviation community on a open source and free of charge program.



Special page dedicated to Garmin navigation systems. Using external links you can download different types of Garmin simulation software. All this files are taken from open external resources and were published there by Garmin Co. Lots of video for tranings purposes are presented on the same page and some additional and useful articles are located there as well. Enoy your trainings!


Principles of selection

This resource is the biggest on-line library in the world dedicated to Business Aviation and Charters. Main priniciple of selection is: documentation for big-jets is excluded (B747), documentation for special and military aircraft is excluded (not fighters or bombers), docs for ultralight are excluded, operations in subsonic range are described only. The main focus of this library is covering all aspects more or less related with business jets and charters. The same materials can be presented in different pages by their relativity. As example if some navigation tasks are explained using Garmin devices or simulator software you can find these materials (video training sessions) in navigation page as well as in Garmin page. The same example: if holding patterns procedure is shown on Airbus A320 example it means that videos are shown in Navigation section and Airbus training materials as well.



Structure of on-line resource


Disclaimer - covering terms of use

Basic Theory: Flight Operations:

Aerodynamics & Performance


Flying technics

Human factors


Navigation & ATC


Systems & Instruments


Normal Operations

Abnormal Operations

Garmin Navigation Systems (heavy video traffic)

General Reference Materials

Free Pilot Atlas

Radio & ATC

Miscellaneous Video

Pilot Interview







Project evolution: future steps

This project will be updated on monthly basis. New aircrafts descriptions, navigation procedures video trainings will be available. Pacific Jet invites all pilots or aviation specialists who are ready to share usefull documentation from their personal collection to participate in this non-commercial project. Your comments are welcome, if you have a questions or some suggestions - send us a letter and contents will be updated accordinally. If you see some materials not enough obvious or non covering topics give us a notice and we'll find more detailed docs.

A special message for Russian community: unfortunatelly on this stage no any russian aircrafts are reflected in this on-line library. As a key player in worldwide aviation Russia would be presented here by Tupolev, Antonov, Ilyushin aircrafts. We invite russian pilots, flight instructors and flight engineer join to this project and share materials that they have (even on russian). Partnership can not be limited by documentation only. Training materials of education session in russian language is valuable and will take a proper place in this on-line training resource. 

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