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Garmin navigation techniques


Garmin is the Worldwide Leader in Navigation solutions providing. Garmin supply intergrated systems for roads/marine/aviation and for personal usage as well. Wherever you are, you can find Garmin navigation units in all aircrafts from ultra-light till business jets. In Pacific Jet we have a joke that "quantity of Garmin devices in our Company is much more than iphones which we have".


This page contains some demo packs and training videos that can help you in understanding Garmin navigation principles and philosophy. Use these video explanations and examples just in the cocpit for training purposes or together with simulation kits on you computer (in this case just download and install them before).

As an option for initial trainings you can use your Garmin device (aviation family), all of them have a simulator mode. Set up the route, increase the speed and keep it in the range 50-200kts, set up the altitude according your flight plan. After these necessary steps you can test practically all flying modes: flight plan updating/SID/STAR/approaches/Holdings/Direct To and other functions.


Demo packs & training software
Training Videos
Garmin G1000 tutorial

G1000 Garmin General Tutorial

A tutorial on the operation of the Garmin G1000 avionics suite found in many new light aircraft today including the PA46 Matrix, Malibu Mirage and Meridian aircraft. Reproduced here .. compliments of Garmin

G1000 Glass Cockpit tutorial: Start + Run-up -Real Time - POV flying

Ride along through the G1000 engine start and run-up procedure.
This is a 172 SP with a G1000 and comparing the procedures to the standard "Steam gauge" version of the 172 SP.
editing is minimal in terms of cutting down the time the procedures actually took - to really share how long it takes, which actually felt roughly the same as a standard "steam gauge" plane.

Sporty's Garmin G1000 Checkout Course

The transition from steam gauges to glass cockpits can be intimidating, but with proper training it can open up a whole new world of advanced avionics. Let Sportys save you time and money in your transition training with our comprehensive new G1000 Checkout Course. Its the perfect complement to in-aircraft training with your instructor, covering everything you need to know to be safe, proficient and comfortable with the G1000.

Garmin G1000 Tutorial: NAV Operation

Need to have G1000 simulator or check the same functionality in your aircraft

Garmin G1000 VNAV Basics

The VNAV feature of the Garmin G1000 can be a bit tricky. Learn some of the techniques that the Pros use to avoid the "gotchas." 

G1000 LPV Instrument Approach demonstration

Excellent example of LPV Runway 13 KWDR approach on a G1000 dual screen simulator.

GFC 700 Training

Learn more about the pilot operations of the GFC 700 Automatic Flight Control System for G1000-equipped aircraft.

Garmin GMA 350® Audio Panel

Learn what sets the Garmin GMA 350 audio panel apart. See features like 3-D Audio, Telligenece™ Voice Command and blue-select mode in action.

Garmin 430 & 530  tutorial

Garmin 430 Introduction

Introduction to the Garmin 430 with some features that are of use to SAR pilots/mission managers/observers.

Garmin GNS 430/530 NON WAAS Training

QD- training tips from the people who designed and produced your GNS 430 & GNS 530. Get step-by-step advice on Garmin's Non WAAS 430 and 530. This video covers:
o Nav/Com operation
o Getting started
o Page layout
o Sample Trip
o Approaches: vectors to final, procedure turn, GPS stand-alone, and DME arc entering
o Menu key and map setup
o Auxiliary page features
o Flight planning
o VNAV function
o Unique GNS 530 features

Garmin 430 Direct-To Page Fields

60 second tips on features of glass cockpit avionics. Short cuts using two fields on the Garmin 400/500 direct-to page.

GNS 430/530 WAAS part 2

In addition to prevous video here is WAAS extention.

GNS 430/530 WAAS training video

Garmin GNS430 IFR Flight Plan

In this video is shown how to prepare the GNS430 for an alternate first and then setup the primary flight plan. Along the way you will learn a few tips for organizing the flight plan catalog

GNS430 OBS and LEG Mode

In this video I explain what LEG mode is and when to use OBS mode.

GNS430 RNAV SID and Approach

In this video demonstrated the usage of a Garmin GNS 430 to fly and RNAV SID, the enroute portion of an IFR flight and then an RNAV approach. The video is aimed at students who will be flying this profile in a King Air simulator but may be of interest to anyone learning to fly IFR, especially using a Garmin GNS 430 navigator.

Garmin 430: Basic VFR Familiarization (VFR)

How to flight VFR

Setting up a Published Hold with a Garmin G530 GPS

Ride along with Master Instructor Dick Rochfort as he describes holding with a G530 GPS in a published hold. This essential training helps each pilot respond correctly and promptly while in flight. Dick uses proper call-outs and well documented, disciplined procedures to ensure the safety of this challenging operation. 

Garmin 430/530 - Free Training Video - KSEE RNAV 17 Approach

This free six minute training video shows you how to use the 430/530 to fly an LNAV approach. 

GNS430 Automatic Radio Tuning

In this video shown how to use the various menus to tune the communications and VLOC radios without using the tuning knobs. By using the menus it is possible to tune the radios faster and with less chance of a mistake than by manually tuning. If you get used to doing it this way it can make all the difference in an emergency.

Garmin 430 Tricks and Secrets Revealed

If you have a Garmin GNS430, you probably know the basics, but in this video, IFR magazine's Jeff Van West reveals some ninja-level operating tricks that are practical and easy to master.

Garmin GTN series  tutorial

GTN™ Series

Discover the Garmin GTN series, the next evolution in avionics. With intuitive touchscreen controls, seamless cockpit integration and multifunction display capabilities, the GTN series promises to change the course of general aviation.

Getting Started with GTN™ — The Map Screen

Learn how to operate the Garmin GTN series' moving map display, including how to pan, zoom, or even pull up more information on something just by touching it.

Getting Started with GTN™ — COMM/NAV Controls

Take a closer look at how the COMM and NAV functions work on the Garmin GTN series.

Getting Started with GTN™ — In-flight Tools

Learn how to make the most of your Garmin GTN series navigator, including how to use the terrain, weather and traffic options.

Garmin GTN Series Familiarization - Part I -  Overview

A tutorial on the operation of the Garmin GTN Series avionics found in increasingly more light aircraft today including the PA46 Matrix, Malibu Mirage and Meridian aircraft. This video is provided by Garmin and offered here by Dick Rochfort, ATP, CFII - Master Instructor & RWR Pilot Training - Providing excellent training and related services to owners and pilots of the Piper PA46 Matrix, Malibu, Mirage and Meridian aircraft worldwide.

Getting Started with GTN™ — Using the Touchscreen

Master the Garmin GTN series' revolutionary touchscreen controls with the help of this video segment.

Getting Started with GTN™ — Basic Flight Scenario

Take off on a basic flight using the new Garmin GTN series. This video will show you how to set COMM frequencies, fly airways and more.

Getting Started with GTN™ — "Direct To" Input

Learn how to operate the "Direct To" capabilities of the Garmin GTN series, including how to find your nearest and most frequently visited airports.

Getting Started with GTN™ — Graphical Flight Planning

Discover Garmin GTN series' new graphical flight planning mode, which allows you to change your flight plan just by dragging and dropping a leg of your journey.

coming soon

1. GTN 750 Simulator with Familiarization Video

Running the Familiarization DVD and the Garmin GTN 750/G600 Simulator at the same time.

coming soon

2. Getting Started - Garmin GTN Simulator

Instructions for starting, entering present position..getting started

coming soon

coming soon



Garmin GTN Flight Trial

Garmin's new GTN navigators have some cool features like touchscreen control, voice recognition, and remote transponder and audio panel control. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli flew with Garmin engineer Grant Wittenborn to wring out the new products.

Aero-TV: Up Close and In-Depth - The Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 (Part 1)

Garmin's Next-Gen Avionics System Picks Up Where the GNS 430/530 Left Off
The industry has been waiting for years to see the follow-up to one of the most successful avionics platforms in the history of general aviation. Greatly anticipated, and buoyed by an aggressive rumor mill, the Garmin folks spent a considerable period of time with our Aero-TV teams to explain why the GTN 650 and 750 systems represent Garmin's best bet for future cockpits.
These panel-mount units are certified and approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of general aviation aircraft. The GTN 650 and GTN 750 feature new capabilities for GPS/NAV/COM systems like touchscreen operation, graphical flight planning with victor airways and high-altitude jet routes, remote transponder, remote audio control (750 series only), SafeTaxi and electronic chart capabilities (750 series only).
These panel-mount units are certified and approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of general aviation aircraft. The GTN 650 and GTN 750 feature new capabilities for GPS/NAV/COM systems like touchscreen operation, graphical flight planning with victor airways and high-altitude jet routes, remote transponder, remote audio control (750 series only), SafeTaxi and electronic chart capabilities (750 series only). (see next section for continue - Part2).

coming soon

3. Getting Started-Part 2: Garmin GTN Simulator

Continuation of the tutorial on using the Garmin GTN 750 with GDU620 Display simulation program

coming soon

GTN Avweb

Garmin GTN750 Familiarization at Trade Show

ForeFlight and Garmin - Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer

ForeFlight Mobile's integration with Garmin avionics gives pilots flying with Garmin avionics a more efficient and enjoyable experience so you can focus on flying. ForeFlight Mobile connects to Garmin avionics via the Flight Stream 110 and 210, Garmin’s Bluetooth wireless gateway, enabling convenient two-way flight plan transfer, and the display of subscription-free ADS-B weather, traffic, backup attitude, and GPS position on your iPad and iPhone.

Aero-TV: Up Close and In-Depth - The Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 (Part 2)

(Continue) Garmin says the most notable physical difference between the GTN 650 and 750 is the screen size. The GTN 650 has the same exterior footprint as the GNS 430W, but has a 4.9-inch screen (diagonal) that has 53 percent more screen area than the GNS 430W. The GTN 750's large 6.9-inch screen (diagonal) has 98 percent more screen area than the GNS 530W, which makes it possible to view an entire chart via Garmin FliteCharts and ChartView, as well as display integrated audio and intercom functions (with the new optional GMA 35 remote mount audio panel). In addition, both units display a greatly enhanced, higher resolution picture (GTN 650: 600x266 pixels; GTN 750: 600x708 pixel) that has over 5 times more pixels than the GNS 430W and 530W, respectively.
The GTN 650 and GTN 750 received FAA TSO authorization in March and are STC approved on a broad model list covering most Part 23 fixed wing aircraft. The first units will be available for purchase at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in, March 29 to April 3, 2011. The GTN 650 is expected to be available at a suggested retail price of $11,495 and the GTN 750 is expected to be available at a suggested retail price of $16,995. The GMA 35 remote audio processor is expected to be available at a suggested retail price of $2995.

Garmin G3X series  tutorial

G3X Coupled ILS Approach

Shooting an ILS approach to minimums is a cinch with Garmin's integrated G3X autopilot

G3X Level Button Demonstration

Using the dedicated GMC 305 control panel's blue level button with Garmin's G3X autopilot to bring the aircraft back to straight and level flight.

G3X Coupled VNAV Descent

Using the vertical navigation mode with Garmin's integrated G3X autopilot to provide a stabilized descent into the traffic pattern like a pro.

G3X Overview

The Garmin G3X is a customizable glass cockpit for experimental/kitbuilt and light sport aircraft.

Garmin G3X Integrated Autopilot - Basics - HD

Learn the basic features of the Garmin G3X integrated autopilot, including autopilot engagement, altitude preselect, heading, and altitude hold modes.

Garmin G3X Integrated Autopilot - VOR Mode - HD

Discover how easy it is to intercept and track a VOR radial with the G3X integrated autopilot, including tracking to and overflying the VOR station.

Garmin G3X Integrated Autopilot - GPS Approach - HD

See a coupled WAAS GPS approach using the G3X integrated autopilot.

Garmin G3X Integrated Autopilot - ILS Approach - HD

The G3X integrated autopilot makes shooting a ILS approach to minimums simple.

Garmin's New G3X Touch Glass Cockpit

Garmin has redesigned its G3X glass cockpit for LSA and experimental aircraft. It has a touchscreen feature set and supports on-screen display and command for the Garmin VIRB action cam, plus it controls the GMC305 flight control/autopilot system. Garmin's Jessica Koss gave AVweb an overview of the system at Sun 'n Fun 2014 in Lakeland, Florida.

Garmin G3X Integrated Autopilot - Hold Entry & VOR/DME Approach - HD

Watch as the G3X integrated autopilot automatically flies a holding pattern entry and coupled VOR/DME approach with GPS overlay.

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