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Air Separation


We have extensive experience in implementing advanced process controls in the cryogenic Air Separation industry.

We understand the economics factors that drive the profit margin and have customized tools beyond advanced controls to help optimize the units.

Because of the relatively small size of many air separation plants, it is not always cost-effective to implement MPC techniques. Air Separations facilities can have many different configurations. We analyze the process and provide the right economic advanced controls solution for the plant. Our BLAST (Ballistic Anchor Sequence Trajectory) methodology has proven particularly successful in this area. Our design will result in the following benefits:


  • Improve process operating efficiencies

  • Maximize production during high demand

  • Minimize product venting (losses) based on gas product line demand and liquid inventories

  • Fast throughput modulation to honor real-time electricity power contracts

  • Increase automation and control to allow control room operators to focus and perform on more important and value-added duties

  • Optimize (improve) argon recovery


Some Air Separation Plant configurations are shown below. Our design works on all types of air separation processes - N2 gas only, N2/O2 gas only, N2/O2 gas /liquid, N2/O2/Argon gas/liquid.


LP GOX Cycle with N2 Liquefier and Argon Recovery










Pumped LOX Pumped LIN Cycle










LP GOX Cycle with Product Compression










Pumped LOX Cycle




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