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AIRBUS software

FCU/Enhanced Autopilot


  • Realistic Controlling of Alt/Speed etc, Increments by 1/10 100/1000

  • OP CLIMB/DESCENT Which controls your airspeed via the pitch and not the autothrottle with a pitch limiter

  • Leteral/Vertical Reference With our MCDU

  • TOGA Mode Controlling the Flight Director and thrust limit according to the situation

  • Thrust Limiter in other phases of flight (with our MCDU for flexible Mode/Altitude thrust control)

  • ND-Selector for our Glass Cockpit

  • LOC Compensating for winds, with correct intercept

  • Accurate ILS/LOC and ILS GS APP modes with wind compensation and autoland/rollout/autobrakes


Software Features

  • Available for 320, 330 and 340

  • Resizable

  • Buttons move in/out according to the selected mode

  • Keyboard interface

  • Support of Epic Axis

  • Daytime/Nighttime Panel

  • Support of FCU Hardware

Glass Cockpit (PFD/ND/ECAM)


  • Works with default FS Autopilot as well as our FCU

  • Flight Director for HDG/VS and TRK/FPA

  • Correct FMA

  • Standby Gauges

  • Displays FS Flight Plans, SBP files and MCDU-Generated Routes

  • TCAS Display(FS2002 or Via AIBridge)

  • Terrain Display (EGPWS)

  • Weather Radar Display

  • Automatic 2 Engine and 4 Engine Support

  • Synoptics for A320, 330, 340 (animated via pmSystems)


Software Features

  • Fully Resizable

  • Windowed/Full Screen

  • Excellent Graphics Quality

  • All Displays can be re-positioned and combined freely

  • Displays can be Rotated left and right 90 degrees

MCDU/Flight Management System


  • worldwide Nav, Terminal Procedures and Airway Database, updated monthly (allows user defined waypoints as well)

  • navaid Tuning via IDs, frequency

  • route generation for the Glass Cockpit’s ND and QuickMap (sold separately)

  • Lateral NAV – compensation of winds, conditional waypoints etc.

  • calculations based on type specific performance data (can be configured by the user)

  • display and setting of V-speeds

  • setting of Thrust limits for the FCU’s thrust management computer

  • Other features coming soon.


Software Features

  • full screen display for cockpit builders

  • fonts can be defined by the user

  • fully sizable

  • full screen display for cockpit builders (no bitmap)

  • input via keyboard, mouseclick

  • FSUIPC offsets for lights

  • OpenGL and Normal Text Support

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