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Compressors, Turbines, Extruders and High Speed Rotating equipment


SmartControl software is the most powerful tool in the world for analyzing high speed data from compressors, turbines, extruders and other rotating equipment. 

SmartControl software can be used for very high speed data – as fast as 1 milli-seconds or even faster. 

SmartControl can analyze multi-input closed-loop data with severe unmeasured disturbances and successfully calculate closed-loop transfer functions.

Many engineers are worried about causing shut-downs and operating problems when tuning PID controllers on equipment like compressors, turbines and others. Trial-and-error PID tuning methods can be ineffective and even catastrophic since these processes are super fast and very unforgiving.

But using fast data from history, or by collecting new real-time data usingPICOTS-OPC live data collection, PICOTS can calculate transfer function system dynamics accurately and then can be used to calculate PID tuning parameters and even design new APC- advanced process control schemes with cascades, over-ride selectors and sequence controllers.

SmartControl has been successfully used on compressors, turbines, extruders and has produced significant benefits – monetary, tangible and intangible.


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