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General Aviation IFR Panel


The General Aviation IFR panel is aimed at instrument rated pilots wishing to maintain proficiency or for pilots undergoing instrument flight Training within a flight school. This is not a gauge-based FS panel to be used within Microsoft Flight simulator, it connects to MSFS.


This software was written for Microsoft FS98, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX, ESP, Prepar3D and X-Plane

The panel has been designed with a basic set of instruments which should be sufficient for most IFR procedures. It does not attempt nor will it attempt to cover the vast number of different types of GA instruments. Actual aircraft instruments may differ slightly due to the various manufacturers. The quality and resolution of the instruments is such that pilots should be able to fly accurate approaches, radials and all the necessary instrument procedures with a high degree of accuracy required for this type of training.


It is important to stress that this panel has been designed to be used in a certain fashion, most namely with dedicated hardware that will provide the pilot with the necessary immediate spatial and control he is used to in the actual aircraft environment. The diagram below gives a general overview of how the concept is envisaged – of course there can be variations on this theme.



  • very clear rendition of instruments, using OpenGL graphics

  •  you can use both the internal nav database as well as the FS nav data

  • very smooth setting of OBS, heading

  • standby instruments, separate DME channel

  • position mode, a simple map with all selected navaids and radials

  • several display options, dimming of instruments and panel

  • selectors and frequencies can be hidden if you have a separate interface

  • directly clickable failure, pause, slew, acceleration modes

  • extra options for more advanced instruments

  • special twin panel and re-positionable gauges

  • helicopter gauges (torque and turbine/rotor RPM) in ‘black panel’

  • constant development and expansion, will be turned into a stand-alone sim eventually


Great care is being put into making the graphics as clear as possible, experimenting with new techniques which will be applied throughout our product range. You will be able to use any screen resolution up to 2048 pixels across without any deterioration of the graphics quality. It can go higher without loss of quality if your graphics card can take it due to bitmap smoothing.


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