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Power Plants


SmartControl software tools can identify the transfer function dynamic models between turbine speed and combustion valves amid severe unmeasured disturbances that are typical during a turbine startup. This system identification using completely closed-loop data is unprecedented and unparalleled feat by SmartControl and has no competitor anywhere in the world. 

SmartControl tools do not need step tests on setpoint in auto mode, nor step tests on output in manual mode. SmartControl system identification technology can use completely closed-loop data, identify the turbine speed dynamic model and then use the various dynamic models over various speed zones during startup to generate adaptive tuning constants for PID optimization in order to provide tight control over a wide range of turbine speeds.

SmartControl tools are also excellent for providing feedforward parameter optimization and also the optimization of tuning parameters for high and low constraint override selector schemes.

We have extensive experience in optimizing PID tuning loops and implementing advanced process control schemes in Power plants.

We understand the economics factors that increase the profit margins and have developed customized tools beyond advanced controls to help optimize the process units in power plants.

The supply and demand requirements within the energy industry are continually evolving. The industry is expected to come up with newer and more creative methods in advanced control technology to produce power more efficiently and with less environmental impacts. Furthermore, both public and private sectors are expected to be at the forefront in providing safe, reliable and economical sources of energy supplies that will meet both existing market and forecasted environmental demands to lead us successfully into the 21st century. We must continue to focus our efforts on understanding the current state-of-the-art technologies, operational issues, and emerging trends through proactive research and development. Our advanced process control suite of products which have been applied successfully in other industries can be implemented in the Power-Plant/Power-Generation area bringing attractive economic and environmental benefits.
























Advanced Process Control


Many power plant processes can benefit immediately through the use of our software and technology. Following is a brief summary:


  • PID tuning (primary and advanced control) optimization to reduce/eliminate oscillations and improve the control quality of the primary control layer.

  • DCS/PLC-resident or host-computer-resident APC (advanced process control) control schemes.

  • PID and APC control quality monitoring, reporting and control parameter adjustments.

  • Online oscillation detection, operator alerts, adaptive control action and automatic control parameter adjustments.

  • Sequence control programs for planned changes in process conditions.

  • Auto-Adaptive control for compensating for process and equipment nonlinearities.

  • Online optimization to consider market conditions, chemical prices and process conditions.

  • Remote access, monitoring and support to improve effectiveness of engineers and operators.

  • Operator advisory to provide smart messaging and support , this is like having an experienced operator or engineer watching the whole plant/process all the time and then providing the operator with excellent support based on years of experience and knowledge.

  • OPC communications and signal validation for online analyzers, turbines, fast data logging and monitoring and to assist a host of related applications.


Total Power plant economic optimization


Total plant economic optimization includes the following:


  • Maximize multi-objective goals for sub-systems and overall control system performance.

  • Explore complex objectives throughout operational realm by addressing fuel flexibility, parasitic loss, and reducing water use.

  • Quantify benefits of advanced process control, calculate plant performance indices and make reports available to engineers, operators and managers.

  • Implement new advanced control, OPC and online optimization software technology at the plant.

  • Train plant operators and engineers to become familiar with new process control and advanced control technology



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