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Specialty and fine chemicals


The performance of the specialty and fine chemicals sector is being shaped by the consolidation of small companies and by the formation of new larger companies seeking to focus on core competencies in commodity chemicals or new biotechnology and related areas.

Many specialty and fine chemical processes can benefit immediately through the use of our software and technology. Following is a brief summary:


  • PID tuning (primary and advanced control) optimization to reduce/eliminate oscillations and improve the control quality of the primary control layer.

  • DCS/PLC-resident or host-computer-resident APC (advanced process control) control schemes.

  • PID and APC control quality monitoring, reporting and control parameter adjustments.

  • Online oscillation detection, operator alerts, adaptive control action and automatic control parameter adjustments.

  • Sequence control programs for product grade transitions and for planned changes in process conditions.

  • Auto-Adaptive control for compensating for process and equipment nonlinearities and also those caused by different raw materials/catalysts and process/operating conditions.

  • Online optimization to consider market conditions, chemical prices and process conditions.

  • Remote access, monitoring and support to improve effectiveness of engineers and operators.

  • Operator advisory to provide smart messaging and support this is like having an experienced operator or engineer watching the whole plant/process all the time and then providing the operator with excellent support based on years of experience and knowledge.

  • OPC communications and signal validation for online analyzers, compressors, fast data logging and monitoring and to assist a host of related applications.

  • Advanced LIMS (laboratory information management system) to provide the best and user-friendly, yet low-cost laboratory user interface and data management.


Furthermore, SmartControl works with companies that need help on making decisions on complex business, technology, and investment issues. SmartControlTMs range of services includes fundamental engineering and controls work to provide:


  • Commercial studies: historical and forecast supply, demand, trade, and pricing data.

  • Techno-economic analysis: information on processes and production costs for industry benchmarking.

  • Margin analysis: a key input to determine business attractiveness.


Our process-control related efforts are often incorporated into larger proprietary studies where we provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Business development: strategic and tactical reviews, geographical and industry sector studies, opportunity analysis, technical audits of operations and processes, R & D portfolio analysis, and new product development and management.

  • Marketing strategy: market attractiveness and entry studies, competitor profiles, business planning, and commercial development.

  • Investment decisions: review of markets/technologies to support capital investments in new or existing plants, acquisitions, privatizations, and technology due diligence, and evaluations. Regulatory and advanced controls on all types of specialty processes.


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