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Pacific Jet Aviation academy:

Flight training cources overview

Our expertise is to provide professional flight training solutions from ab-initio [with no flight experience] to a private or professional level pilot. 

From 0 to 500 Flight Hours
Become a Flight Instructor and get your first job in Aviation, complete course (theoretical and practical)

From 0 to ATPL(A)
Become an airline pilot, complete course (theoretical and practical)


We offer also separate courses and training modules for pilots which are continuing their training.


EASA Flight Training Courses


PPL(A) / PPL(H) Private Pilot License (Airplanes / Helicopters) Private Pilot License is the first step toward your aviation career. The PLL holder is also allowed to fly airplanes / helicopters for non-commercial purposes

ATPL(A) Integrated Course  From no flight experienced to licensed Commercial Pilot with frozen ATPL(A), MCC and JOC (B737NG or A320) in 14 months + Airline Interview Preparation cource (Aviation HR, Aviation psychology, Technical interview prepartion...)

0 to ATPL(A) From 0 to Airline Transportation Pilot License  Become an airline pilot, complete theoretical and practical course.


ATPL(A) theory. ATPL(A) theoretical course

0 to 500 From 0 to 500 flight hours  Start your training for a professional pilot and get PPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A), MEP and 500 total flight time in you logbook.

CPL(A) Commercial Pilot License  The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft and get paid for doing it.

IR(A) Instrument Rating  Useful when flying long distances and a must for professional pilots.

MEP Multi Engin Piston  Allows you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine.

FI(A) Flight Instructor  The Instrument Rating Instructor license allows holders to provide IR(A) training to pilots. Many pilots wishing to enter professional aviation positions become Flight Instructors in order to build the necessary experience.


IRI(A) Instument Rating Instructor


MCC Multi Crew Cooperation  This certificate is essential for all airline crew members.


JOC Jet Orientation Course  Advanced training dedicated for future airline pilots with no jet handling experience.


Night Rating  This rating allows you to flight at nigh under VMC.


Time building  The more hours the student flies, the bigger discount they receive. The students can choose what aircraft they want to fly from our diverse fleet of aircraft.


Trial and introductory flights


Aviation English  ICAOexams, VFR & IRF EnglishEach pilot flying internationally must have a minimum level of English knowledge.

FAA flight training Courses

PPL(A) Private Pilot License

IR (A) Instrument Rating

CPL(A) Commercial Pilot License

MEP Multi Engine Piston

0 to CPL From 0 to Commercial Pilot License

CFI CertifiedFlight Instructor

CFII Certified Instrument Rating Instructor

Time building

Pilot mentoring program

For those who want to be at the helm of their aircraft, Pacific Jet  Aviation Academy helps owner pilots take that desire to the next level.  From our inception, we have offered our specialized Pilot Mentoring Program, with proven success at helping numerous owners become skilled jet pilots. Our experienced team of instructors and mentors can transitions pilot owners through the various levels of flight experience from single engine aircraft operators to jet captains. Additionally, we help justify the ownership of their plane by enrolling it in our charter program, making it a win-win for owner pilots.

FTD / FBS / FFS Simulators:


Airbus A319/320/321 ,Boeing 737-800, Hawker Beechcraft 700/800/900

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